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Donations from supporters like you will help Children’s Specialized Hospital spread the word about our Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Program so that all newborns born dependent on drugs have access to the early care that is so critical to recover and go on to live healthy lives. This year, an anonymous donor will match all donations raised to support this program from Giving Tuesday!  Your gift will have twice the impact on our patients!

Our research from years of treating these babies show that infants exposed in utero to harmful drugs are likely to have developmental disabilities which require care much earlier than what the average early intervention program offers.

Infants who receive care in our NAS Program are each prescribed an individualized treatment plan.  Part of this plan is to include their mothers – who realize how much help their babies will need.  The mothers are encouraged to stay in our hospital with their babies so they can learn how to care for them and so we can coordinate a safe transition home.

The NAS Program is specifically designed to encompass care not only for our newborns but also to help the caregivers cope and learn how to care for our tiniest patients when they are strong enough to leave us.  We could not accomplish this without the support and generosity of donors like you!