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Event Information

Location: Gabriele's Bar and Grill, 1351 Centennial Ave, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Date: December 3, 2019 from 6pm - 10pm


6pm - 6:50pm (Team #EarlyBirds)
1. John Hegedus (Jack's Kids)
2. David Laggini (RE/MAX Our Town)
3. Margaret Ward (Re/Max Our Town Vista - Piscataway)
4. Kevin Keane (Guaranteed Rate)

7pm- 7:50pm (Team #RtSFaM9
1. Alicia Bedner Lewert (Event Planner)
2. Irene Mandeville Foret (Volunteer Coor.)
3. KimberlyEttenhuber ( PrizeCoordinator)
4. Christina Kaplun Grande (TBG’s Team Grande Gold Sponsor)

8pm - 8:50pm (Team 3)
1. Nicole Cherie (RE/MAX OUR TOWN #TBG)
2. Lenny Hernandez (Flipping NJ)
3. Adam Elias (Real Estate Atty)
4. Amir Zakikhani (GenNEXT Funding)

9pm - 9:50pn (Team 4)
1. Nick Novello (The Baricaua Group #REMAX_OurTown)
2. Mitesh Patel (Real Eatate @Attorney)
3. Christina Rhoades (#RtSFaM Guest #GymnasticInstructor)
4. Jeff Roscoe (#RtSFaM guests, #BusinessOwner)

Special Guest:
Kenneth Armwood (#MiddlesexCounty #Freeholder)

Each bartender has a personal goal to bring in $500 in tips and 100% of the donations go to benefit the patients at Children's Specialized Hospital!

There will be 4 Bartenders in each team and have 45-50 mins to raise $2,000 ( X’s 4 Teams = $8,000!!)

We suggest all tips to be in cash or a check... ATM machine will be at the facility... thank you Gabriele's Bar & Grill of #Piscataway!