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8th Annual PSE&G-DP&C Vendor Golf Outing

Join us on August 26, 2019

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Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation
is pleased to honor

Amy B. Mansue 
Mark Montenero, Autoland

for their outstanding dedication to our children.

Katie Neal, NASH-FM 94.7 

Funds raised through Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation's 31st Annual Umbrella Gala will directly benefit Children's Specialized Hospital's Center for Discovery, Innovation and Development (CDID), whose mission is to develop, innovate, and discover solutions for the advancement of children with special healthcare needs and their families.

Aimed at creating disruptive positive change through innovative care, products, services, collaborations, and ideas, the Center will serve to improve the quality of life for our children and families. Projects will focus on ways to address challenges that these childrenand families face, including access to quality healthcare, and others that determine health outcomes, such as housing, education, transportation and social connectedness. Acting as a home for ideas and implementation, the CDID will partner with various corporate, technology, clinical and academic organizations to help every child and family reach their full potential.