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Tumor: one small word, one enormous shock creating magnitudes of fear. A diagnosis no one ever wants to hear; especially parents of a young, innocent child.

At just one-year-old, Isabel Rita, nicknamed “Izzy Warrior Princess,” was diagnosed with a spinal tumor. At just two-years- old, she had completed 42 rounds of chemotherapy. Through it all, Izzy hasn’t let a tumor define her; instead, she has been brave and a motivator to anyone lucky enough to meet her. One week after her first birthday, Isabel’s parents, Sonia and Marco, received the dreaded news. Having initially noticed that Isabel had a stiff neck, the Rita’s world rapidly changed when tests revealed Isabel’s diagnosis. In less than a week, Isabel quickly went from a healthy child with a possible ear infection to having a 10-hour spinal cord surgery.

At 14-months-old, Isabel began receiving therapy at Children’s Specialized Hospital. Today, she is a happy seven-year old who is able to do all of the things she loves like playing soccer, singing, and dancing. 


Every donation matters to these kids and their families.

Whether it is a child like Izzy, who had a spinal cord tumor—or Alexis, who suffered a traumatic brain injury after being struck by a car—or Tommy who is on the autism spectrum—your gift will transform their lives and improve their future.

Your gift can help a child learn to walk, talk, breathe or eat independently.

Your gift can give a family the hope of knowing their child is receiving leading-edge specialized care that will improve their future. 

Your gift helps children overcome the challenges presented  by chronic illnesses, complex physical disabilities, like brain and spinal cord injuries, or developmental, behavioral and mental health diagnoses.

100% of your donation supports the vital programs and services that are transforming the lives of kids with special healthcare needs at Children's Specialized Hospital.