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Wish List 2021

Join us on October 29, 2018

Grant a life changing wish this holiday season!
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Ticket Quantity Left Price Each
Gift of Joy Available $25.00
Gift of Play Available $50.00
Gift of Pawtastic Therapy Available $100.00
Gift of Innovative Care Available $250.00
Gift of Independence Available $500.00
Gift of Home Away From Home Available $850.00
Gift of Play (OLD) 15 Left $50.00
Gift of Learning(OLD) 2 Left $50.00
Gift of Play(OLD) 3 Left $15.00
Gift of Therapy Supplies(OLD) 14 Left $100.00
Gift of Rehabilitation(OLD) 1 Left $1,000.00


Help Us Help More Kids Do the Things They Love

It is our greatest wish to continue to expand across New Jersey and provide the highest quality specialized care to more children who desperately need it.

The gifts on our holiday wish list represent the most urgent needs of the hospital and our patients. 100% of your gift supports the life-changing care and specialized services at Children's Specialized Hospital that are enhancing the future for kids living with special healthcare needs.

$25 Gives JOY

Children’s Specialized Hospital offers a wide range of therapies for children facing special health challenges, including developmental issues like autism and mental health. Art Therapy – painting, drawing, sculpting – helps struggling children explore their emotions, develop self-awareness, cope with stress, boost self-esteem and improve social skills.  Your gift of $25 gives children living with special health care needs the opportunity to unlock their imaginations, express their emotions and find JOY!



$50 Gives PLAY

It’s wonderful to see a child’s face light up when they receive a new toy! For many children treated at Children’s Specialized, limited motor skills make common toys and games frustrating and difficult to play. These kids require specially modified toys, adapted to their specific limitation to aid their growth and development. The benefits of play for improving motor skills and reaching developmental goals are overwhelming! Adaptive toys can make a marked difference in a child’s development, along with hours of enjoyment. Your $50 gift provides the happiness of a toy they can play with this holiday season.

GIVE play



PSEG Children's Specialized Hospital in New Brunswick was the first children's hospital in New Jersey with a Facility Dog on staff. Working with his owner/handler Katie Ahlers, Senior Recreational Therapist at CSH, Burton provides animal assisted therapy to patients, their families and staff members. 

A few months ago, we welcomed Gallop, our new Facility Dog on the Long Term Care unit in Mountainside! In addition to being a great partner in our recreation groups and therapy sessions, she will help provide distraction and comfort during lab procedures or if a resident is receiving a vaccination. 

Your gift of $100 helps to ensure that the pawtastic therapies Burton and Gallop provide our patients will continue.





Children's Specialized Hospital has been named one of the World's Best Specialized Hospitals on Newsweek's 2022 World's Best Hospitals list. We are recognized as one of the best specialized pediatric hospitals in the world because of our state-of-the-art facilities, accomplished physicians and diagnosticians, and we offer the highest level of care.

CSH is currently in the process of a large infrastructure improvement plan that includes much needed upgrades to our existing facilities and the addition of new outpatient centers across the state. Additionally, this improvement plan includes support for vital research. CSH currently has more than 50 active research studies in the areas of autism, brain injury, chronic illness, cognition and mobility. 

Your gift of $250 will help to improve technology and support research studies that will enhance the services we offer to children not only today, but well into the future.

GIVE innovative care




The Rehabilitation Technology department, or Rehab Tech for short, is a unique specialty resource offered at Children’s Specialized Hospital.  Comprised of a group of expert therapists specially trained in the area of adaptive equipment, this team focuses on the specific equipment needs of each patient. From gait trainers and power wheelchairs to strollers and bath equipment, Rehab Tech is integral in helping our patients gain independence and reach their full potential.

With specialized adaptive equipment, children who once couldn’t leave their rooms are able to join their families on trips to the park; children who once needed help with getting dressed are now putting their own socks and shoes on and children who once felt isolated can interact with their family and friends in a whole new way.  These steps toward independence are life changing for the patients we serve.

Your gift of $500 gives children access to life changing equipment and tools they need to reach their full potential.

GIVE independence




The Pediatric Long Term Care (LTC) at CSH provides exceptional, loving care for children with complex medical conditions who are no longer able to live at home. These children have suffered traumatic brain injuries, have complex seizure disorders, are mechanical ventilator dependent or suffer other severe conditions. Every child in the LTC program receives individualized medical and therapeutic care so they can reach their full potential and families have confidence knowing that their child is receiving round-the-clock, dignified and compassionate medical and nursing care.

The costs for Long Term Care are significant – with the cost per night averaging over $850. Your gift preserves access to a loving home with exceptional care for our most medically fragile patients.

GIVE a home away from home


Any Amount Gives HOPE

Children’s Specialized Hospital is the leading pediatric rehabilitation hospital in the United States, providing care to over 35,000 children annually who are suffering from a wide variety of medically complex conditions. Our vision is a world where all children can reach their full potential, whether they are being treated for a developmental disorder like autism, a chronic illness or a genetic disorder, or they are in need of therapy after a traumatic brain or spinal cord injury, surgery, or chemotherapy. We are dedicated to providing life-changing care to achieve the best possible outcome for each child we treat.

Your gift helps us care for children and families during some of the most difficult times of their lives and gives them hope for a brighter future.

GIVE hope

Gifts made through the Wish List are contributions to Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation.
The items are symbolic representations of the most urgent needs of the hospital and our patients.




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