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In Memory of Noreen Cacchione

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We are honored that you have chosen to make a donation to Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation in memory of Noreen Cacchione. Noreen, Maggie and the Northern Elite family have been long-time supporters and friends and have become part of our extended family at Children’s Specialized.

Noreen was an extraordinary woman and coach to many young athletes. Blessed with the ability and commitment to helping her team reach their fullest potential in and out of the gym, Noreen inspired Northern Elite to also support their local Children's Miracle Network Hospital, Children's Specialized Hospital.

While Noreen has passed from this earth, her legacy of love and generosity will continue through her teams, family and friends.

We, at Children's Specialized Hospital feel fortunate to be a part of Noreen's love of people and her lifelong example of reaching out and lifting up those around her. Your gift will be as she asked, to help children reach their fullest potential being served by Children's Specialized Hospital.

We are grateful that you chose to honor the memory and legacy of Noreen Cacchione with a gift to Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation and are truly thankful for your generosity.