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Walk n' Roll brings together passionate people committed to raising funds in support of children and families facing special health challenges. Thanks to your generous contribution, our pediatric specialists can partner with families to make our many innovative therapies and medical treatments more personalized and that ALL children can reach their full potential.

Learn how your gift directly impacts the lives of children like Isaac, Diego and Leah, and the more than 35,000 children treated each year at Children's Specialized Hospital.

Isaac's Story

Isaac was an active 14-year-old who enjoyed tumbling and cheer when a tragic accident caused a C4 spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed below his neck. Isaac struggled with accepting his injury and adjusting to life in a wheelchair, but he found hope when he arrived at Children's Specialized Hospital. That spark of hope motivated Isaac to focus on possibilities and work hard in his therapy sessions. By the time he left CSH, Isaac could lift his arms to wash his face, brush his teeth and, perhaps most important to a teenager, use his phone!

Isaac is this year's Walk n' Roll Ambassador. You'll hear his story first hand when you join us to celebrate his milestones—and the milestones all of our patients are reaching—at this year's Walk n' Roll.

Diego's Story

Diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation in his mitochondrial DNA, Diego's journey of care with Children's Specialized Hospital started in 2009 after he suffered a stroke at the age of two. Diego lost his ability to walk, talk, swallow, and eyesight.  Hear from Belle, Diego's mother, why her family participates in the Walk n' Roll. 

Leah's Story

An outstanding softball player known for her infectious smile and tenacity on the field, nine-year-old Leah was playing with her sister when she began to experience tingling in her fingers. Rushed to the emergency room, Leah's conditioned worsened. For six days she remained in the hospital sedated for six days. Her parents, Abby and Peter, were terrified for their daughter and their family. Diagnosed with a very rare spinal cord stroke, once stabilized, Leah's parents turned to Children's Specialized Hospital for their daughter's greatest chance of recovery.