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At just one-year-old, Isabel Rita, nicknamed “Izzy Warrior Princess,” was diagnosed with a spinal tumor. At just two-years-old, she has completed 42 rounds of chemotherapy. Through it all, Izzy hasn’t let a tumor define her; instead, she has been brave and a motivator to anyone lucky enough to meet her. At 14-months-old, Isabel began receiving therapy at Children’s Specialized Hospital. “We trust her therapists completely,” says Sonia. “Everyone is invested in Isabel’s well-being, they are as invested as much as anyone else. The therapists are family."

Telehealth has proven so valuable to our patients that it is here to stay, allowing more children to have access to the life-changing care offered at Children's Specialized Hospital. Thank you for your support, which allows essential services to continue for children who need them most.

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